Monday, February 20, 2012

Spread the Love!!!

Are you liking this site?
Is it nice to have one place to find lots of great giveaways?
Do you like having another place where you can spread the word about YOUR giveaways?

Do you know that when you tell others about this blog...

they will probably start sharing there giveaways with all of us!
you will have more great giveaways to find at this one spot!
this site will gain more followers! (on the blog, facebook, AND twitter)
when you share your giveaways there will be more people to come and enter them!

Everyone likes it when their giveaways are a HUGE success, right?!
and Everyone likes it when they can find those AWESOME giveaways that they cry about when they find them AFTER they are over, right?!

Do you want to help us out in making this happen??? :D

Talk about it!
When you enter someone's giveaway that you found from this site, let them know we sent you!
Grab our button and post it on your blog!
(Let us know when you do and we will post YOUR button on our blog as well!!!)

and best of all... keep filling out that form and letting us know about your giveaways so we can share them with the world!!! :D

and most of all...
good luck! :)

from blank pages...

this isn't a promotional post for us (haha! yeah right.) ;) but IS a post to help YOU enjoy this site even more!
Thanks for stopping by and supporting us!


  1. Hiya! I have your button on my blog, would really appreciate it if you could put my button on your blog too :)

  2. Of course! It's up! Thank you! :)


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