Monday, February 13, 2012

Welcome to the One Stop Giveaway Shop

I am trying to host a giveaway, but it's kind of flopping. I realized that it can be hard to advertise for giveaways beyond your normal readers. There are a couple places to do it, facebook, twitter, flickr... but beyond that, how do you find new readers and people who are interested in your giveaway? Then I realized how great it would be if there was a one stop spot to find all the current giveaways! I know some people really like them, I like them when I find them, specifically for fabric! ;) But everyone has their thing. :)

Now, I know that there are SO many categories for giveaways, and that's great! You're all welcome! :)
But I also know that some blogs have new giveaways everyday, or are basically all about giveaways and reviews. That's not what this is going to be. I am not going to review anything. I'm not even going to post anything - besides the info you give me. Sure, I might have my own giveaways from my own blog now and then, but I'll post them just like everyone else. And if you are one of those daily giveaway bloggers (which is totally fine!) please limit the entries you put here. Maybe two per month?! I don't want this to become "YOUR" giveaway blog. ;) Sound fair enough? Let's let everyone in on the fun! :) (ok, you can list more than that, but when it starts getting overrun with the same blog, I am going to start limiting.)

I like things simple and organized, so that's how we'll keep it. There will be a basic form, that may change as we go along, that you will fill out and leave in the comments. Don't worry, I won't publish it ever! But I will take that information and create a blog post with it (omitting any details that are not pertinent to people finding and entering your giveaway). You can even send me pictures! But to make it even easier, lets say you post the picture somewhere, say pinterest, or flickr, and then send me the link. I'll take it from there! (it would be ideal to be able to simply embed the photo from somewhere, because it would sure save me a lot of time). *FUTURE IDEA: Perhaps I'll create a Pinboard on Pinterest and a Flickr group where you can share your photos, and I could easily grab them from one of those locations.* Don't use either of those? That's fine, just pass them along then.

Anyway, I will also post your link on the sidebar so there will always be a running list of current giveaways - including the end date.

I will also have specific categories for you to choose from, to tag your posts. Then people who are only interested in a certain category can do an easy search for current giveaways and find what they are looking for!

Want a little extra advertising for your site? I'll post a button soon that you can share on your blog, and I will in turn share your button on this blog! :)

Why is this going to work and be beneficial for you, the giveaway-er, as well as the wanting-to-be-givaway-winners? Because it's simple, it's clean, it's to the point, it's organized. And if anyone uses google reader - the posts will be so short that it won't take any time at all to read about the new giveaway! You will gain a lot of publicity, and no one will miss another great giveaway!!

So help me spread the word about this new site, and I will help you spread the word for your giveaways!

***Please don't send me anything for shops, or items for sale. This is a family fun, basic giveaway shop. Giveaways only! Thank you!

Here is the form to fill out for your giveaway posts, it will also be listed under the tab "Share your Giveaway" at the top of the blog.

Copy and paste the following form and leave it with all the information in the comments of this page. Don't worry, I won't publish it. All information will ONLY be used to advertise your giveaway on this blog. 

  1. Your name (will not be published):
  2. Your email address (will not be published):
  3. Your blog name:
  4. URL address of Giveaway (must be a specific post, not just a blog):
  5. Title of Giveaway (what you want me to call it in the sidebar):
  6. Giveaway category (i.e. Jewelry, fabric, crafts, quilting, sewing, accessories, bags, clothing, patterns, etc.) needed for tagging:
  7. Is it a finished product or supplies:
  8. Dates of the giveaway:
  9. Description of Giveaway (any info you want me to include: reason for the giveaway, something about the item(s), etc.): 
  10. Attach any pictures you want me to include. You can also give me the url link in Pinterest or Flickr and I will add them here.

I will post your giveaway info on the blog within 24 hours! Your link will also be included on the sidebar until the day after the closing date of your giveaway.

Thanks for sharing and searching for your Giveaways here!!

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