Are you interested in becoming a sponsor for The One Stop Giveaway Shop? Awesome! This is a great blog that continues to grow, and we would love your support! You are what makes this blog possible!

I am hosting 5 sponsor spots (currently 150px by 150 px ad) with prime reality! Right at the top of the page! No one will miss seeing your button when they stop by. The rates are great, and we can definitely work out any features and spotlights if you are interested. You can even host giveaways on this blog!

Along with accepting paid sponsors, I also host a monthly Giveaway for one sponsor spot! That's right! You can win one free month of advertising! Anyone can enter!
Besides entering the specific giveaway each month, there are other ways you can earn entries all month long:

- Use the form to share your giveaways with us!
EACH giveaway that you share, whether to your blog or another, gets you ONE entry.
that can add up to a lot of entries for a given month!

- Share my button on your blog, or blog about The One Stop Giveaway Shop!
Word of mouth is Great! And greatly appreciated! 
Once the giveaway goes up at the end of each month, just leave a comment and let me know where you posted my button, or link to the post where you blogged about the blog during that month.

and of course there are more ways to enter once the giveaway goes up. 
I hope you'll come and enter.

Have questions? Want more information?
You can email me, Diane, at
fromblankpages {at} gmail {dot} com

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