Successful Giveaways!

Do your Giveaways flop? Let's help make them successful! Here are tips I have found that are sure to make them more fun for everyone!

  • Over and over again I read that people don't like to jump through hoops to enter. Don't make your readers do anything (like follow your blog, or blog/tweet/fb about it). Only have one entry per person.
  • Make it more interesting than simply "leave a comment". Ask a question! Have them answer a specific question. Make it personal.
  • Do you have that word verification code on your comments? Sometimes those don't work, or malfunction, and that can be enough to deter people from leaving comments. Try turning that off.
  • Do you enter giveaways all the time but never win? MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT A NO-REPLY COMMENTER!
  • When you announce the winner, be sure to email them too. Don't make them come back and respond to you. I can never remember which giveaways I entered or where they were, who knows how many times I've won but never got my prize because I didn't go back and see that I won.

Do you have other tips that you have found to make your giveaways successful? Be sure to share them in the comments and I will add them to the list!

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